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Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success Program

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The Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success program is designed to support aspirant Aboriginal students on their pathway to University, TAFE (Certificate 3 or 4 entry), Apprenticeship, Traineeship, secondary graduation with a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) or employment.

It is a partnership formed between:

- Lockridge Senior High School.

- Department of Education (Western Australia).

- The AMP Foundation.

- The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation.

Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success students continue to attend their normal high school and follow the curriculum and homework requirements as normal. The program provides excellent academic support with homework, test and exam preparation where needed; alongside in class tutoring and an after school hours Learning Centre held in Ngulla Mia (Our Place). Learning Centre runs Mondays to Wednesdays from 3pm until 5pm with a healthy afternoon tea provided.


The offices of Program Coordinator Chrissie Parry, the AIEO (Aboriginal Islander Education Officer) Kim Southern and program tutors are in Ngulla Mia, alongside computer and printer access for student use. Ngulla Mia also has a Reading Room, a beautiful room with couches and beanbags for students to catch up on their reading or have some quiet time.


Selection Process for Students


Potential students are selected in a number of ways for the Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success program. School reports, data, teacher professional judgement and anecdotal evidence are all used to ascertain who would benefit most from the program. Selected students are required to work hard, attend school regularly and the students and their family are invited to sign a compact. As long as the student’s high standards are maintained, they are eligible for all the program’s support and benefits until Year 12.



Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success believes high achievement for Aboriginal students can become the norm, and students, teachers, parents and the community be encouraged to support and expect this level of achievement.



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