School History

Lockridge Senior High School was originally a large dairy farm owned by a pioneer of the district, Mr Shadwell. His original homestead is still visible on the farm today.


In 1974 the administration and maths/science blocks and part of the manual arts and home economics centres were opened to year 8 students, under the Foundation Principal, Mr Robert Holloway. Only 15 staff were employed for the 230 plus students enrolled; including country students from the Swanleigh Hostel.


From 1975 to 1983, the remainder of the school was completed, including the school’s health centre and art department. These early years were years of rapid expansion. The school grounds were established, student numbers built quickly and staff numbers increased as a result.


In 1981 the school was appointed to the Priority School Program (now Commonwealth Literacy Program), a Commonwealth Government program designed to address funding inequities in schools. The program has been a source of valuable funds to Lockridge over many years and has benefited many students.


Another innovative project, Enterprise Education, was established in 1983. This initiative was utilised state-wide as a means of vocational education for lower school students.


In 1989, the 400 club was inaugurated with the induction of 3 students. The progress of the school since 1974 was reflected on at this time and the Lockridge community strengthened as it grew. The look to the future was also topical and led to ideas on how to further improve the school.


In 1996, Swanleigh Residential College again developed a link with the school with a small number of students attending specialist subjects and after an enormous effort by the Parents and Citizen’s Association, the Jill Cook Function Centre was established. This transportable restaurant provided the opportunity for catering students to develop skills in the art of food service.


1999 saw the school celebrate its Silver Jubilee year. The school was reticulated and for the first time the gardeners could spend time gardening rather than continuously moving sprinklers and pipes around the school.


Not long after a transportable building was obtained to form an Intervention Education classroom and office. In 2000 another was added to accommodate the expanding Education Support enrolments.


A new LOTE department was also established and with the support of our P&C, most classrooms became air-conditioned. The steady growth of enrolments saw Lockridge top 900 students for the first time in 2002.


In 2003, three new courses were introduced; Enterprise, Life Skills and Multimedia. And in 2004 one of our students achieved the school’s highest ever TEE score, achieving a TER of 99.9, placing her in the top 1% of the state.

2005 saw the birth of Follow The Dream. The program is designed to provide tuition and individualised mentoring to indigenous students who are aiming to gain university entrance. To this day the program is highly successful and well regarded in the community.

2007 was a year to start traditions with the first Canberra trip being organised. Ever since, the trip has been biannual, giving students the opportunity to explore the nation’s capital, visit Parliament, reflect at the war memorials and pop over to Sydney to see the sights.

In 2009 the school was given a fresh splash of colour and the gardens a makeover. To coincide with the new exterior look, 2010 saw the creation of the video conference centre, allowing greater access and range of courses.

2011 was an extremely busy year with a partnership being formed with Act Belong Commit. The school has also seen more improvements to the grounds with the creative murals being painted on the canteen and Harmony Wall.

Looking to the future, Lockridge endeavours to keep up with the technological advancements in society, with the utilisation of online resources and laptops for students. The continued efforts to being an evolving school means our students are given the best opportunities to transitions into tertiary studies or the workforce. Lockridge is part of the community and is ever planning great things for our students and their futures.

Lockridge Senior High School Principal’s

1974 -1986

Mr Robert Holloway

1985 -1986

Mrs Barbara Webster

1986 -1987

Mr Malcolm Drummond

1987 -1991

Mrs Julia Leat

1991 -1998

Mr Ian Allardyce

1998 - 2005

Mr Lindsay Retallack

2005 - 2009

Mr Phillip White

2009 -

Ms Anne Robinson